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Matt Maddox: Righteous Fury (Red Phone Records/Seven 13 Music)

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UK release date 01.04.2014

Kansas-based rapper and ex Guerilla War Tactix member Matt Maddox made a lot of new friends when he released his debut solo album “Asylum Artistry”, four years ago. He’s back with a vengeance in the long awaited follow up, “Righteous Fury.”

From his start in Long Beach California, Matt has been active within the international hip hop community. GWT themselves included Sweden’s Cruz DurrtyJada and Germany’s Chinch 33, and the three man crew released “The Invasion” in 2009, which had features from Jise One (The Arsonists), Goretex (Non Phixion) and Planetary (Outerspace. His raucous delivery style had become his established trademark by the time of the critically acclaimed “Asylum Artistry” debut, which had contributions from Canibus, Sadat X, LA Dog and Non Phixion’s Sabac Red.

He toured throughout the USA, Europe and hitting UK shores for the first time in 2010. Fresh from playing St Etienne, France, his debut performance in East London saw him connect with Rhyme Asylum and develop a long lasting working relationship with scratch DJ TMB, emcee and producer Edd Bundy. Motion, Billy Whizz and others. Subsequent visits in 2011 and 2012 took in tours throughout France, Spain and Italy, and various UK cities including London, Swansea and Cardiff. He moved to Santa Ana and Hawaii before settling in Kansas and starting this new record.

“Righteous Fury” is a feast of high octane hip hop. A mammoth 19 tracks long, it’s running time is just short of an hour at 57 minutes, and his modus operandi was simple: “No nonsense, no filler thriller.”There is light and shade and a variety of pace, with exemplary production from C Lance (Jedi Mind Tricks), Vanderslice, Sicknature (Snowgoons), Edd Bundy, Skammadix, Nemesis and Hellzwind. Turntablist skills are provided by fellow Red Phone signing TMB. Maddox addresses real life issues and hip hop in equal measure. Features include King Magnetic, Tragedy Khadafi, Reef The Lost Cause and Swann. The frenetic energy on the posse cut BARbarians featuring Godilla, UG and Born Unique captures the spirit of the release perfectly.

He is currently touring the States with Slaughterhouse, with plans for shows in Australia, a tour with Horse Shoe Gang and a welcome return to the UK and Europe later this year. “Righteous Fury” is a powerful and passionate offering from a talented rising star of independent hip hop, with something to say, worth hearing.

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