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Review Presents: On Deck 2 (BBE) Presents: On Deck 2 (BBE)



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UK release date 10.03.2014

For those of you who dig satin sheets, prosecco, red roses and are interested in seducing someone in the near futureâ€Â¦I may just have found something for you to put in her silk stocking, at least. This enterprising and damn right lascivious platter should get your juices flowing with its outrageous intent and purpose. Yes it maybe the sound of the bedroom, but there is plenty of fantastic tuneage on offer - think Marvin, Maxwell, D'Angelo and sassier vibes beyondâ€Â¦it's rammed with utter luxurious lushness in that sexy nu-soul kinda way - ARE YOU GETTING MY DRIFT? Because I'm not spelling it out twice! lol.

Apart from its carnal appeal, Soul Movement 2 is choca bloc with sophisticated songs. There are absolutely no fillers on this alluring thread of excessive musical behaviour, all glued together by exquisite beats, keys, mood enhancing vocals and guess whatâ€Â¦SOUL!

Definitely for after midnight (not after eight, although it is mint!) Marvin was on this tip years ago but the tradition continues and its sinuey, sensuous style should grab you after a couple of cognacs. Proceedings start to get going around track 3, "Diligence" by Stephanie Nichole, who puts forward a rather convincing vocal delivery over a two chord slow grinding burner with that ever present electric piano (which from now on will be referred to as e-piano) adding an immense class to the extremely late night feel of the track (which frankly isn't in its minority on this album!) Yes the tone and feel has been set, James Tillman's "Shangri La" continues that train of thought - a fantastic singer who can soar and be breathy all in the same musical sentence!

Jevon Reynolds up's the ante further with his heart felt interjections, reminiscent of Jose James on his track "Silence"- which teases with its sparse yet suspenseful opening, before the 303 type drumbeat gloriously kicks in. However move up a gear with GDNA's "Calm", a mix that is filled with tiny surprising sounds, bird song, a lush tremoloed electric piano dictating the mood, pulsing synth keyboard whining in your head and a dusty, boxy, drum programmed rhythm sizzling and crackling away like a spit roast! innovative and enervating simultaneously...

Next up, Humus spreads himself thick with "I Do", the slow ballad in the pack - sultry, floaty vocals with the crispest of beats gorgeous e-piano (again! Is it the same bloke?) and classic modern R&B frilly guitar fretwork adorn this numberâ€Â¦Teeing up my absolute fave, Fayth Hope's "Warrior". An angular slice of nu-soul blessedness with jagged rhythms but holding a sophisticated harmony none the less. Unaffected vocals gift wrapped in a guilt edged chocolate box, a class affair-a REAL class affair, which pretty much sums up this whole stylish offering, lavish it is and sweat free it ain't! Now where's that body oil?
Words Emrys Baird

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