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Guido May: G-Strain (Radau Records)

Guido May: G-Strain (Radau Records)



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UK release date 17.06.2013

Drummer Guido May has assembled some of Europe's finest
Jazz Funk Fusioneers for this intriguing project of his called G-Strain. If you like the heaviest and hottest and funkiest improvs with great melodic and spikey heads, then this little platter is for you. A musical lesson in melody, harmony, technique unusual time signatures and how to blend it all effortlessly.

Fusion, for want of a better word, can be incredibly dense and hard to take in but somehow this lot make it sound as fresh as a daisy and not intimidating at all and it is extremely easy on the ear right from the off.

With guitarist Peter O'Mara letting loose rapid-fire licks and cathartic bends, over Adrian Mears's melliflulous and highly lyrical trombone mastery - all the while grooving viscerally, thanks to the drummer's in-the-pocket lock with the implacable bassist Patrick Scales. Just check his incredible solo on "There's Something On The Way," a smooth and enjoyable aural passage is guaranteed.

These highly evolved tunes, despite their tricky time signatures, 7/4, 10/8 and 15/4! Never blight the sheer musicality and natural feel of these truly gifted musos, the jovial happiness and collective group effort these guys muster will leave most fusioneers still standing!

A beautiful collection of tunes are on offer with a seemingly limitless supply of melodic ideas. Lots of adventurist spirits at play here and a real joy to listen to!
Words Emrys Baird

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