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The Paul Jones Collection Vol. 1 My Way (r.p.m.)

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UK release date 03.09.2012

If you just think of Paul Jones as the bloke who sang that awful âDoo Wah Diddy,â then you need to check this CD out. If when you hear his dulcet tones on BBC Radio 2âs Monday night blues show, you wonder why the front man of Manfred Mann is now fronting a specialist radio programme, check this album out.
The man born Paul Pond is a multi-talented geezer; film, stage and TV actor, singer, songwriter, broadcaster, award winning harmonica player and supposedly; the man who said no to joining the Stones back in the day.

He was a heartthrob pin-up pop star and helped lead the way for the British invasion to the US in the early 60s. He is still singing with The Manfreds, The Blues Band (which he helped form in 1979,) and duo gigs with Blues Band guitarist Dave Kelly. Recording a new solo album in the USA right now, and re-issues of Manfred Mannâs early offerings, as well as this solo work, Mr Jones is in demand.

His career spans over 40 years, and at 70 years of age, he is looking great and in very fine voice. Paulâs solo work in the '60s and into the '70s has been neglected for CD release, until now. He recorded several acclaimed albums, beginning with "My Way" in 1966, "Love Me Love My Friends," "Come Into My Musical Box," and "Crucifix In A Horseshoe." âMy Way", featured Paul's smash hit High Time.

He is a master at the British r'n'b/soul feel with a jazz vibe thrown in for good measure, but with a commercial stance. Here on top of his debut âMy Way,â we get extras in the shape of three single cuts, two unissued tracks, and the four tracks from his hit EP "Privilege", including âI've Been A Bad Bad Boyâ which was a big hit for Paul. Plus,for the first time, the ultra rare (My Poor Heart Is Surely) Breaking.

Jones sang one of his own songs, a remake of a track he did with the Manfreds, "She Needs Company. The standout for me, has to be track 17, âSonny Boy Williamson,â a tribute to the great blues legend and here, featuring Cream bassist Jack Bruce, who wrote the song with Jones. Paul turns in some fine harmonica blowing on this blues corker.

21 tracks here and well worth adding to your collection, if only to satisfy yourself that Paul Jones is far more than just the singer of that bloody awful Manfred Mann songâ¦âhere she comes just a walking down the street singingâ¦â¦â¦.â Give me strength!

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