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The Reflex Re-Visions: Shining Star / Love Rollercoaster (KAT Records)

The Reflex Re-Visions: Shining Star / Love Rollercoaster (KAT Records



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UK release date 08.10.2012

One thing about good quality dance music is the gamut of genres you have to choose from, especially if you are a DJ. Most good jocks don̢۪t just stick to playing house music; a lot of them add disco, soul and funk into the mix which makes for a far better experience on the dance floor.

The biggest problem I always find though is trying to keep say a disco track locked in the mix. Because the BPM̢۪s on these older tracks fluctuate and, quantisation was nowhere near as tight as it is today, I would usually find I had to bring the track in quickly which makes for a bit of a boring switch. The lengths of some of these tracks too just weren̢۪t friendly with some running at little over three minutes.

With the vast back catalogue of amazing disco, soul and funk it made sense for producers to start re-working these old tracks, stripping them down to their bare bones, rebuilding them, increasing their length and locking the beats down. And that is exactly what edit master The Reflex has done on this package, re-working Earth, Wind and Fire’s ‘Shining Star’ and Ohio Players ‘Love Rollercoaster’ both originally being made in 1975.

‘Shining Star’ starts off with a very DJ friendly clap and horn. The bassline and lead melodies creep in next before the very distinctive kick letting you know that although this isn’t the original, it is the original! The Reflex have done a sterling job on this edit, the track glides gracefully reaching its crescendo near the 4 minute mark when all of the parts are in full effect, causing maximum impact on any dance floor. There is also a beautiful accapella breakdown that really accentuates this whole release. The overall running time on this edit is extended to just under 7 minutes.

‘Love Rollercoaster’ is next and immediately starts off with a quite high tempo beat, around the 118-122 mark. A very distinct cowbell pattern adds more juice to this particular joint of music and the very familiar and catchy keyboard riff cements the piece together, extending this number to a very respectable 8 minutes.

These are both really good edits and will add value to any DJ set. I for one am looking forward to playing both of these out really soon as I just know they will work really well. Oh and let̢۪s not forget the most important thing, they are both utterly brilliant tracks too!

You can keep up with KAT Records latest edits on their Soundcloud page

The Reflex Re-Visions is released on KAT Records on 8th October 2012.

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