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Gabriele Poso: Roots Of Soul (Infracom)

Gabriele Poso: Roots Of Soul (Infracom)



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UK release date 06.08.2012

Italian multi instrumentalist and composer Gabriele Poso has completed his awaited second solo full-length "Roots Of Soul," released on INFRACom!

The album boasts the participation of international guest artists such as Osunlade (Yoruba Rec. / USA) with whom Gabriele has been collaborating and friends for 12 years now, Nailah Porter (Verve/USA) and Tanya Michelle (TM SoulMusic / Canada).

This is the perfect background to summer and Tanya's evocative vocals really grab your attention on the opener "Sunshine" Tinkly piano,languid strings and a sprinkle of Burt Bacharach, sublime jazz pop at it's best. Latin tinged loveliness comes next with a sultry cover of the Dawn Penn classic "You don't love me"exactly the sort of treatment sunlightsquare would give it and by gad sir it works! Vocalist Osunlade purrs all over it and makes it entirely his beguiling own.

This is a very varied and eclectic album typified by the acoustic brazilian piece Dona Flor that is drenched in beautiful guitar, vocalese and some highly melodic soprano all bolstered by a swinging rhythm section and a touch of midnight cowboy thrown in for good measure. Light as a feather with a beautifully captivating style. There's real depths and flavours all over this album filled with exceptional singing and strong arrangements and balance, none more pertinent than "Into My Heart." A haunting ballad full of angst and yearning and some gorgeous double bass and lyrical piano, and Nailah Porter's vocal delivery will stop you dead in your tracks! Sublime stuff.....

Unfortunately the intensity drops somewhat with the next two tracks "Roots Of My Soul"and "With Me Come Fly," and no matter how sensitive and endearing the vocals are on "...Fly," cocktail hour becomes a little too close for words and the same can be said about "Ocean Park." Sanity is restored with "A Night With You," again the divine ms Naliah Porter reigns supreme on this lolloping love song, an introspective yet highly engaging piece of work.

Summing up. Gabriele works extremely well with his chosen vocalists, yet left to his own devices he can go a bit off piste and disappear into polite jazz territory - but there's no shadow of a doubt about his extreme versatility and first class musicianship. Fortunately even with a few blips there's still enough quality here to keep all of you satisfied.
Words Emrys Baird

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