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Maxi Priest: All My Loving (Ride The Wave Records)

Maxi Priest: All My Loving (Ride The Wave Records)



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UK release date 29.06.2012

Priest pulls out all the stops on this delightful romp through one of the Beatles early classics, and it's good to hear his reggae royal richness on this. Stylistically this is given a jump jive feel with shuffle drums and blaring horns (perhaps he should change his name to Maxi Jazz! Excuse the pun!) but the key ingredient is his master's voice and you sense the fun and respect for the Liverpool lads he must surely have.

It's a tall order for any artist to tackle the holy grail of the fab four but Maxi, the man for all seasons, peels it off with ease and perfectly distils the eloquent simplicity of the original - a catchy tune that now bobs up and down, the Eb major scale to accommodate the fab horn arrangement. Like me, Macca's going to love this one! Taxi for Maxi! Bermuda is awaiting your gig on the 21st sept.
Words Emrys Baird

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