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Summer of Love - John Lennon's Bermuda Songs: Various (Ride The Wave)

Summer of Love - John Lennon's Bermuda Songs: Various (Ride The Wave)



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UK release date 15.06.2012

In June 1980, John Lennon set sail to Bermuda on a yacht for an extended holiday. The experience, which nearly saw him drown, sparked his musical genius and within just 6 weeks he wrote and completed 25 songs, breaking a self imposed 5-year writer’s block. The outcome of this was entitled "Double Fantasy," named for a flower he had seen in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Now the island celebrates Lennon's visit with a statue in the gardens and a brand new CD encompassing the whole of Lennon's career.

As a taster to the CD, "Ride The Wave" have released a 4 track EP ( all compositions written in Bermuda by the man himself) to whet your appetite, including new and established acts. Biggie Irie delivers a big tune with "Woman," tailor-made for a reggae revisit. It gets a sublime lovers rock treatment that floats dreamily across the airwaves, like a mellow summer wind. This will bring out a bevvy of bajan beauties when they get drift of this wonderful eulogy. A cracking interpretation that will get the crowd rocking when he performs this at the tribute concert on the 21st of September (along with Maxi Preist and countless others) in where else? Bermuda of course!

Newcomer Rachel Brown sings "Watching The Wheels" in a sensual unfettered manner that will draw you in seductively to her magical world. This talented young singer songwriter has already opened for the cream of the R&B crop including Mary J. Blige and Robin Thicke at Bermuda’s National Stadium, and John Legend and Quincy Jones at the Bermuda Music Festival. The tune itself lilts like a palm tree in the breeze and like "Woman" reinforces what a truly great songwriter Lennon was....

"Beautiful Boy" gets a gentle reworking too with some gorgeous acoustic guitar and breathy evocative vocals and newcomer too, the rather wonderfully named McCartney K delivers the hymnal like "Grow Old With Me." A passionate singer for sure but whose interpretation is let let down slightly by a militaristic beat and a rather solemn approach. A little too downbeat for me but still one of Lennon's most affecting songs of this period. The crest of the wave is heading Bermuda way watch out for the album! On the whole a good effort!
Words Emrys Baird

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