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Jim Diamond: City Of Soul (Camino Records)

Jim Diamond: City Of Soul (Camino Records)



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UK release date 03.10.2011

There’s something comforting about Jim Diamond’s vocal. It has the grit of a Scottish city about it, with the class of a veteran who has been there, done that and bought the tee shirt. I once sat next to the man at a poncey London hotel in the 80s, at a Childwatch charity lunch. A surreal moment with Rolf Harris, Esther Rantzen, Jim and the mother of one of Brady and Hindley’s victims close by. Jim was a very nice bloke and clearly has a big heart, and a love of children. His latest recording venture is an album to raise funds for Sir Tom Hunter’s Cash For Kids charity.

Jim is backed by the cream of Scotland’s musicians on this 12 track soul fest. Songs he used to bash out in the pubs and clubs of Glasgow as a youngster. The album is not only a tribute to the soul songs of his youth, but also the city he loves so much. Rehearsed and recorded in 14 days, all tracks are live takes. Just like it used to be. Horns and backing vocals the only overdubs. No auto-tune or Pro Tools skulduggery required here folks. Sheer talent, sheer soul and fun, fun, fun. If music can smile, this is broadly grinning for a dozen lovely songs.

Wet Wet Wet’s drummer Tommy Cunningham, Hue And Cry’s Greg Kane on keys, Proclaimer’s bassist Garry John Kane, Brian McFie on guitar from Marianne Faithful’s bandâ€Â¦.the list is endless. Scottish stars a plenty.

A fine version of “One Two Three.” Aretha’s wonderful “Don’t Play That Song For Me.” “Mockingbird.” “I’m Your Puppet,” the great Purify brothers song. “Chain gang.” “Stand By Me.” Spanish Harlem.” And moreâ€Â¦.A jukebox of soul greats we all know and love. It is not revolutionary. It is not going to get national airplay. It will sell steadily, with the charity aspect helping boost sales. There are some tracks stronger than others. But it’s heart is in the right place and is a pretty smooth listen. Solid production, and all the better for having the timeless jewel in the crown of Scotland’s musical heritage, Mr Diamond, shining bright on all 12 tracks.

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