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BEYONCテラ: Bテ「僖AY (Deluxe Edition)

Beyonce: B'Day (Deluxe Edition)



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UK release date 07.05.2007

Heralded by the big single テ「錬eautiful Liarテ「, comes the deluxe edition of Beyoncテδゥテ「冱 テ「錬-dayテ「 and thereテ「冱 a number of ways of looking at this re-issue.

The cynic might say that, disappointed by sales of the original set, Knowles Inc. have rush-released a re-package to make proverbial hay while the sunテ「冱 still shining. Those of a more altruistic bent would suggest that family K are simply allowing the fan-base of their biggest asset to access more wonderful materialテ「ツヲ Well, dear reader, make up your own minds and weテ「冤l simply tell you what you get for your money. For starters, thereテ「冱 the original 11-tracker, albeit with a different running order, and those eleven oldies are interspaced with seven テ「從ewテ「 cuts. But how テ「從ewテ「 they actually are, weテ「决e not told. Again that old cynic might suggest that some of the songs were scraped off the studio floor, having been rejected for the original set. Case in point is the lacklustre Stargate production テ「露fテ「.

Clearly, however, テ「錬eautiful Liarテ「 is a shiny new cut, while テ「聾elcome To Hollywoodテ「 is another goodie, a busy little beater. Dreamgirls film track テ「廊istenテ「 is included too, along with a remix of テ「錬eautiful Liarテ「. The real bonus, though, I guess, is the second disc: a DVD of 12 performances, seven of which, weテ「决e told, are テ「從ever-before-releasedテ「. In the main, theyテ「决e your typical glossy, blingy, dancey, Beyoncテδゥ things, though child of the 60s that I am, I was rather taken by the film to テ「賂reen Lightテ「 though I know music video buffs will says it blatant homage to Robert Palmer, but I still enjoyed it.

Overall, you do get a lot of extras in the twin pack and it does remind us that though pretenders will come and go, テ「椀l Beyoncテδゥテ「冱 still way out there on her own.
Words Bill Buckley

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