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Tanja Maritsa: Fragile




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UK release date 22.02.2010

Tanja Maritsa is just an old fashioned girl trying to be heard above this cruel vicious world but her soft charms and genteel persuasion might just get to you in the end.

Stylistically the girl's all at sea jazzy folk and beyond with shades of Joni Mitchell, Dory Previn and Madeleine Peyroux fans will really love her! This doesn't take anything away from the girl whose unique voice will tug at the heart strings ....I'm already feeling very protective of her and i'm only two songs in!

'Fading Grace' with it's poignant melancholic beauty will stop any hard nosed critic in his tracks, she draws you into her ethereal world and it's hard to escape, believe me. If this was the swinging 60's Tanja would be singing at the Troubadour just before Paul Simon and may be a Dylan set. Wonderfully anachronistic but she could easily become a big star her songs are crying out to be used in film.

There's some exceptional playing on this album (produced by Richard Niles) with it's sweet rythmic acoustic guitar, it's no wonder as she is backed by some truly wondetful musicians (Richard Cottle, Sam Burgess, Gary O'toole) and again she has teamed up with wunderkind pianist Gwilym Simcock, and the highly esteemed Oud player Naseer Shaama, who features on 'In Love again' with It's "little sparrow" evocations. Bewitching beguiling if this girl doesn't leave you smiling there's a hole in your soul! She will touch you.
Words Emrys Baird

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