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Tour De 4Force: Quiet Moon

Tour De 4Force: Quiet Moon



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UK release date 22.01.2010

Now you canât get much better than this. Five artists brought together by singer/producer Marcia Parks with the single goal of creating music. Thereâs Supreme Scherrie Payne, session singer to the stars Jim Gilstrap, Emotion Theresa Davis, Pam and Joyce Vincent, two thirds of Tony Orlando & Dawn, and together they have the coolest, easiest sound Iâve heard in a long while.

From the moment you enter their musical world with 'Yester Years' youâre in for a smooth, classy ride that fits comfortably into any late night scenario. The single 'Godsend' follows with its lovely rich vocals that swoop and sway like musical waves on the ocean. The casualness of 'Weâve Got Love' almost invites you to join in. Hell, these guys are having fun â the track starts with a jam atmosphere (reminds me a little of Marvin Gaye which is a compliment of course) and jogs along with a soft funky groove.

Ex-Temptation Ali Ollie Woodson takes the major role in 'Heaven Bound' which chugs along at a shoulder swaying pace. Tight respond calls, intertwining vocals with a pinch of scat, shows a different side to this vocal group. (Mr Woodson also sings on 'Four Walls'). However, if I had to pick a highlight, the honours would go to 'Black Butterfly' without a doubt â high in melody, emotionally presented from the heart by Theresa. But then this is true of the whole cd.

The tracks have been thoughtfully chosen, and where applicable, are recorded with softly textured melodies, interwoven with intimate musical moments and the gentle, warm vocal qualities that only established artists are capable of producing. There are intense aspects to this release, but also light, fun times, and itâs this contrast that will sell this, their debut cd. I predict great things for these guys and my love to all.

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