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B&S EXCLUSIVE: Black Dylan video premiere Don't Wanna Be Alone

EXCLUSIVE: Black Dylan
EXCLUSIVE: Black Dylan

Until recently, Denmark's best soul secret, Black Dylan, are heading straight back to the UK chart with another release from their superb debut album, "Hey Stranger". The track is called "Don't Wanna Be Alone" and B&S has bagged the exclusive showing of this catchy corker!

A very funny/original/entertaining concept, shot in black and white in Nthe band's hometown of Copenhagen, follows Wafande, Nuplex and the band as they are pursued by gangs of women, who are desperate to catch the guys and do, well, who knows what?!! "That's the whole twist, nobody wants to be alone". There's a LOT of running...

Black Dylan's lead singer, Wafande, recounts his memories of the recording of the video. "We ran for three days in a row...the worst part about it was that was the water because we filmed that video before the summer starts and we had to jump into the water from all angles like five times, in 4 degrees-5degrees! It was cold-cold! I've never had a smaller wiener! (laughs). We had some great people helping us with that video". Nuplex adds. "My legs were broken after the second day - then after, jumping from the top! I had to put warm things on my legs, I was totally (exhausted). It was hard work, f#cking hard work - running from 10 hours!"

All that work has certainly paid off, it's another great tune from a fine album, that is sure to see these Soul Vikings further cementing themselves in as a UK soul fave.

Enjoy the video!

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