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0z Noy : Ronnie Scott’s 12/05/2923


Oz Noy has not been in London since 2019 so it was with open arms that both Ronnie Scott’s and it’s discerning audience welcomed this consummate and flourishing guitarist back inside the hallowed jazz portals of Soho.

Kicking off with material from his current album ‘Snap’ Dragon’ proved to be a good move. The bluesy funk simplicity of the opening number lulled many into a false sense of security before Noy launched into one of many of his serpentine solos and he really went to town on delivering resolute improv. Somehow, he manages to switch lead sounds into crunchy rotary organ for his rhythm - he’s like some demented machine operator stitching sounds together seamlessly. He really is a sonic master of many moods and his clean reverberated Jonny & Santo sound (which he applies in a lounge style to a mash up of Coltrane’s ‘Giant Steps’ and Charlie Parker’s ‘Billie’s Bounce’ is a wonder too. Drummer Anton Fig known as "The Thunder from Down Under" shines on the Sidewinder like stomp of ‘Boom Boo Boom’. Its gutsy bar room and rocking swagger, gives way to an almighty drum vamp as Fig flexes out furiously. On the other hand, Noy moves into rotary church organ mode again running up a bar bill of expensive chords before he merges into white noise ! The celebrated ‘Chocolate Soufflé’ with its louche displaced head, was also a highlight which Oz endearingly calls his one and only hit which featured the nimble soloing of bassist Jimmy Haslip who has, in effect, already done a full marathon walking on his bass.

The sound is rich,sonorous and full and is what you’d expect from this extraordinary power trio. Unassuming as he is (but with a dry sense of humour) Noy acts it out like a scientist in a large exploratory lab playing with his specimens i.e.his fx pedals and stunning us with his sheer brilliance. In short a master class in bending space, time and groove.The joy that is Oz Noy was in full effect tonight.
Words Emrys Baird

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