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Artie Zaitz Hammond Combo : Factory 45 South London 13/06/18

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Borough has a new pop up jazz hang,it's called the factory 45.If you are familiar with the old meat packing factories of Lower Manhattan then memories will come flooding back of NYC when you visit this warehouse,you really feel you are in the big apple and with jazz this good, it makes the experience even more authentic.
I reckon it's the chemistry between organ and guitar which made this souped up jazz standards gig such an enjoyable, happily funky, melodic treat. From the start onwards Artie Zaitz and Ross Stanley alternate solos, following and embellishing one another's melody lines. Sometimes the organ is delivering a rich bounce (on the latin lilt of 'Con Alma') or a rumbling deeply like distant thunder ('Our Miss Brooks') and others a richly mellow reed sound ('Some Extent'), whether he's producing perky notes, or lazy honeyed melodic layers he plays with verve and a wholly effervescent vibe.

Zaitz on guitar (on organ for the first set which I sadly missed) is enmeshed in the tight sound too, driven along sympathetically by not only Stanley's completeness but Steve Brown's drums. During the set, Zaitz wisely resists the temptation to generate over excitement by going for fast tempos, instead letting the bounce and shuffle of the (polyrhythmic) rhythm section,that included percussionist Dave Pattman really do the work. The tunes are long and as a result, there is time for the soloists to 'pass the baton round' and stretch out, and the music is given plenty of room to breath. Richly interwoven stuff and the lean meatiness of this group allows all the musicians to play with little hesitation, no wasted notes, plenty of soul and besides that what a great gig to celebrate your 25th birthday too!
Words Emrys Baird

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