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Georgia Van Etten: The Hideaway London 7/04/2016

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Georgia Van Etten brought her soulful strut to Streatham tonight and completely wowed the unspecting audience with her antipodean charms and multi layered atmospheric sounding music. This was a beguilling performance extolling her incredibly dynamic range and rhythmic meter mixing originals with off beat familiar songs. There is an elegance in her glissandos as demonstrated in "Sugar",an original composition that benefitted from having Quentin Collins' mute trumpet adding the icing on the cake. Sumptuous stuff!

A few jazz standards were thrown in and "In A Sentimental Mood" the stand out one, proved to be the perfect vehicle for Ms. Van Etten's emotive voice as she captured the mood of the song with poignant solo piano (from Collins) backing her. Not only has this gifted performer a great vocal delivery but she plays mouth/vocal trumpet too! Talk about having a USP! Internally she mimics playing a theremin as her hand gestures suggest...let's just say it's a special slice of magic and she has the good sense not to overdo it thus avoiding gimmickry. The sound is sparse leaving room for one's own imagination, it's a rare thing with bands these days...

Artie Zeitz's guitar twanged along sympathetically — like a faithful old drinking companion, his young age defies his masterful experience and he has the most beautiful tremeloed tone on his gleaming telecaster. He's fast becoming the Danny Gatton of South London, it was good to see Jake The Snake Zeitz (snr) busting out some moves on his red Gretsch, on a great version of "Spooky". It's life affirming stuff seeing father and son trading licks like an excerpt from the Shuggie and Johnny Otis show!

What's also worth noting is the rhythm section comprising of fab drummer Femi Koleoso, whose Questlove sidestick approach proved to be a winning touch underpinned vitally by bassist Dave Whitford switching from double to electric bass with consummate ease. It's going to be interesting when her new EP comes out, but judging on her material especially, "Waiting On You To call", the future looks rosey. Here's a songstress who can definately blow her own trumpet...we will be watching her progress here at B&S!

Words Emrys Baird

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