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The Junction Jazz Jam (Tuesdays): Loughborough Junction, Brixton

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Here at B&S we don't cover just the big stuff that's going on in this mad old music game, we like to pride ourselves also on discovering grass roots things that are happening in London (and elsewhere) and give our support, especially when the creeping gentrification of areas such as Brixton, are causing closure and discontentment for many people and businesses.

However, a little gem has arrived just down the lesser salubrious end of the street, in the heart of Loughborough Junction, a killin' little jazz venue called "The Junction" and here on a Tuesday, you can hear some very fine music indeed, populated by some of south London's finest musos who are known for their friendly vibe aided and abetted by musician owner, Paul Canton and his trusty sidekick bassist (and chef) Luke Fowler.

The place has its own strengths, revolving around like a more alternative, rootsy joint that's cheaper to access and enjoy. £3.80 for a stonking pint of real ale and around £8 for a tasty homemade burger and chips...can't be bad for the pocket now can it!

The jam kicked off at 8pm and finished at 11pm...tonight, a whole array of stuff was going on. Yes, the standards were knocked out one by one, but less obvious tunes got aired too. Such as, "Cheesecake", a towering tune Dexter Gordon used to play, now guitarist Ross Anderson gracefully puts his own stamp on it, with his serpentine solos channeling Grant Green to staggering effect. Swing it daddio!

Fowler does a great job too, adept with all the changes staying on the double bass, all night bolstering the changing drummers who all relished the chance to play on Canton's vintage kit. It was good to see Davide Pasqualini from the Gwyneth Herbert band too - he sounded exceptional and when not on the kit, played the bongos as well giving it a great 60's latin jazz touch...and talking about latin, I must give a particular nod to keys player Jazz Educator and Horace Silver disciple, the reputable Mr Marcus Hill, whose sturdy and earthy playing was heard throughout - especially on the upbeat rendition of "Green Dolphin Street".

Cannon Ball Adderley's "Jeaninne" got a welcoming airing as well, with tenor sax player Roger Humbles, a straw boss too (who also runs "Heads Up" another Monday jazz jam at "Off The Cuff", Herne Hill) his imperious tone popped up on quite a few numbers throughout the evening. Sax players were plenty too, with Canton diving in on alto and Rufai Abiodun Ajala also. Heartwarming, life affirming stuff!

Guitarist Pete Duncan known as the 'Funky President' pulled off a groove ridden slow and slinky number, the classic torch song "You Don't Know What Love Is" to dazzling effect. His beautifully crafted solo was a particular delight as was the impromtu rapper who popped up as the last recipient of the night, indulging us in some off the cuff, on the fly, jazz hip hop with guitarist Anderson getting his funk head on in a Phil Upchurch stylee! Suffice to say the Junction offers both the listener and the jazzer a fantastic night South London really is the place to be right now for this sort of thing, bang on I say!
Words Emrys Baird

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