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ORLY: Regal Rooms, Hammersmith, London 17/08/11

Orly: Regal Rooms, Hammersmith, London 17/08/11
Orly: Regal Rooms, Hammersmith, London 17/08/11 Orly: Regal Rooms, Hammersmith, London 17/08/11

Its Wednesday 17th August 2011, circa 9.10 pm, the venue is the Regal Rooms in Hammersmith London. Outside the gentle drizzle has stopped, inside the crowd is respectfully quiet, and on stage is a beautiful vision in black named Orly. Originally from Australia but now a New York resident, Orly is one of four artists performing acoustic sets on this special evening.

However she is not like the others, and here are a few things that set Orly apart; firstly she is the only female artist, secondly she is the first to actually try and engage the audience and speak to them rather than mumble something before going onto the next song, and finally roll that up all into one and its easy to see which of the line-up had been doing this for a while and had the poise and oozed the confidence under the bright stage lights.

A much scaled down performance from her usual type of show, Orly was accompanied by Independent Music Award nominee Alex Berger on piano; the only artist to use keyboards on the night. Opening with âItâs Alrightâ, a song from her upcoming album was a nice way to warm up the crowd, and take them away from the guitar heavy acts that had proceeded. However it was the breezy âBe With Youâ from her 2010 self titled EP that really engaged the crowd, and brought light and warmth to the packed the room. For the hopeless romantics among us, Orlyâs lyrics are easily to visualise and appreciate, and spark a warm glow within. In addition her vocal control and diction, make it easier to be able to catch and appreciate what she is singing, something extremely important in acoustic performances.

Two other songs from the upcoming album followed, firstly a jazzy ballad âBeautiful Disguiseâ, which showcased more Orlyâs vocal range, and then âTemporaryâ which seemed to be an interesting statement on a relationship. Aside from the three new songs for her London fans, we were also treated to a music interlude from Alex Berger, who sang one of his own compositions; a very rare treat. For the final two songs took Orly back to fans back to her EP with the lyrically soul encouraging âThe Wayâ, before the loin stirring âSit Backâ, which even in the acoustic form was still able radiate sensual playfulness.

Overall Orly showed the London crowd how she has been able to garner fans across the globe. Heartfelt lyrics, strong vocal ability, and an effortless clarity of voice set her place her amongst a select few in the forefront of the independent and unsigned singers currently working hard around the globe. This is an artist to watch on the music circuit in the coming months and years, especially once her full length debut album is released.

As part of this project Orly is currently using Pledge Music to help raise funds to complete the album and raise awareness to a cause close to her heart, Ovarian Cancer
Words Richard 'Ricardito' Ashie

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