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G-Spot presents... 100 Club, London 2/4/11

Corrina Greyson - 100 Club, 2/4/11
Corrina Greyson - 100 Club, 2/4/11 Sulene - 100 Club, 2/4/11 Marques Toliver - 100 Club, 2/4/11 Heala Selecta - 100 Club, 2/4/11


Second time for me to cover a G-spot event in a month but it can't be helped Brit Soul Queen Contender Corrina Greyson puts the very best Soul&Funk bashes on in London and we at B&S like to get behind this gal's efforts.

First up a brand spanking new band New Street Adventure. Essentially a three piece but fleshed out as a nine piece with flailing horns and wailing bv's! It's encouraging to see this enterprising outfit ensconced in the very roots of soul music but giving it a london vibe echoes of the Style Council are in evidence, and the brashness of the Artic's coupled with sophisticated songwriting give these guys the upper hand and leave them in good stead for an undoubtedly rosey future. It's very refreshing indeed to see a young band getting to grips with the nuances of soul and still giving it their own inimitable twist. The debut EP 'Just The Kind Of People' is rammed with melody and great songs, my absolute fave being 'Nicky's Needs'. They're lucky too, as they have Noel McKoy backing them, his savvy and wealth of experience can only be a mighty big positive for the road ahead.......

Up next, Marques Toliver, a real coup for G-spot as he's causing quite a stir in the UK and after his startling performance on The Jools Holland show is plain witness to that. Playing just an Autoharp twisted my brain but when he started singing it all fell into place folk, soul, classical jeez sometimes it's nice to hear something you can't pigeon hole. This pigeon's too PHAT!! Suffice to say there's a whole heap of talent and when he played 'White Sails' the joint erupted. Stark strikes on his violin and soulful angst vocals wise, is a heady cocktail you've been warned sip gently!!

Freestyle darlings The Fantastics got us all back into a funk thang and went about their business in sturdy, tidy fashion. Led by hammond organist Greg Borraman, this soulful outfit reeled off crisp instrumentals one after another. Saxophonist Mark Norton (the bands secret weapon) really stood out spitting out spikey yet taught heads on both tenor and alto keeping the listener interested and his little jigs were very Morecambe and Wise choreographed, a serious muso who likes to entertain too! Borroman is no slouch either his jazzy flurries on the B3 sounded hot. This troupe are as authentic as greasy grits and the new tunes from the forthcoming album sounded exciting.

Talking about excitement joining the band was singer Sulene Fleming. Dressed to kill and a voice to thrill! This sassy, diminutive soul diva has a lot of tricks in her arsenal she's a kaleidoscope of different tones minute she's doing a Chaka Khan thing (squeak and all!) the next deep throated wails that come from the pit of her being! A fascinating, versatile singer to both watch and hear, this band are going places watch out for the new album which features this cute, charismatic chanteuse!

Corrina provided us with her staple diet of homegrown soul too, resplendent with a crack ace horn section featuring Aaron Liddard blowing so hard (the jazz police should give up trying to breathalyse him!) and a new drummer (the spitting image of comedian Ed Byrne) stepping into the mighty Evan Jenkins shoes, cut the mustard too. Noel Mckoy joined in on a lovely Marvin Ballad and guesting all the way from Finland singer Tuomo injected some nordic style into the mix. Great to hear his absolute solid gold soul number 'Don't Take it To Hard' a powerhouse of a tune a new one on me. Bloomin Marvellous! The only reason that this cat isn't a 21st century soul star like Amy WInehouse is because he isn't American or English. This is easily one of the best new soul acts in years. Finland is spilling over with musical talent and this guy's living proof a major talent!

Taking us out in style Yvan Serrano aka DJ Heala Selecta took the evening out with his groovestastic box of 45's and a great night was again had by all. The only downside was the place was barely half full. One small poster stuck just inside the 100 club ain't enough. Note to the club, get a blackboard like they do at Ronnie Scotts and let all those tourists who walked by every night know exactly what's on THE BEST LIVE FUNK & SOUL EXTRAVAGANZA IN LONDON TONIGHT!! Alternatively may be Greg and I could take turns on the old sandwich board duties? Or Lenny Beige could chip in now that he's got sponsorship with Greggs the bakers!! We don't want the place in threat of closing down again now do we!!

All photos with thanks to Christine Indigo
Words Emrys Baird

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