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Lukas Graham: The Magnificent 7

Lukas Graham
Lukas Graham Lukas Graham Lukas Graham Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham has about the most normal name going - conjuring up images (for me) of some young spotty kid, who uses strong ointment for a forehead reminiscent of braille and some huge train track like braces to reduce a serious case of overbite. Lukas Graham, however, hailing from the post-apocalyptic sounding town of Christiania in Copenhagen is one of ‘the’ coolest dudes right now.

His absolute monster hit "7 Years" has been at the #1 in the UK and at the time of writing this interview, it seems unlikely to be knocked off its perch any time soon.

I have to admit, I had no idea who Graham was pre this single, taken from his eponymous album - in truth, dare I say, many UK residents will probably agree with me. Music is a funny old game, however (said in the best Jimmy Greaves drawl) Lukas is absolutely huge in his home country Denmark, much of Europe and the US. While the aforementioned countries quickly became enraptured with Lukas’ easy going songwriting and subject matter which appealed to a young and old audience, here in the UK we were a little slow on the draw.

Now the UK is up-to-speed and recognising the talents of the twenty-seven-year-old, whose performance of his #1 hit on the legendary Conan show in the US, was voted the of the best of 2015 by fans.

Blues & Soul as ever was granted time to talk to Lukas about…well…loads of things!

Your current success over in the UK with “7 Years” must feel like a second coming?

It’s definitely a déjà vu, but on a much bigger scale. We are number 35 on (US) Billboard (chart) I think, number one in Australia, number 2 in New Zealand, number 3 in Ireland, we have been number 1 in Austria, Sweden, Denmark and Holland with this new single, so it’s on a ‘very’ massive scale. Initially, we only had a number one in Denmark and that was only five and half million people.

Yes, only 5 and a half million people! In fact, you were signed in Denmark as well.

You are right, we were signed to Universal in Denmark. Scandinavia and Germany then jumped on us, but the UK did not get onboard at first, to our music. It’s weird, the song has to be good enough for sure, but you also need it to be the right time, the label needs to be working your corner, the radio needs to be listening.

I wanted to ask a bit about your father because of course “7 Years” is like a eulogy to a man who of course, had a massive impact on your life.

“7 Years”, it was after my father died, I started to realise what life was really about and what was the essential necessity of life? I started to think that I want to be a father that my kids can be proud of. All my friends thought my dad was so cool and awesome - like he would show up at our local pub when we were drinking, in his nice suit, white shirt and nice leather shoes. I would ask him why he doesn’t just turn up in normal clothes and he would say, ‘when I am not working I want to look good’. My father was not trying to be young with the young, he was being old with the young.

The single “7 Years" and self-titled album “Lukus Graham” are both out through Warner Bros


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Words Semper Azeez-Harris

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