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Lisa Stansfield: Carry On Lisa

Lisa Stansfield
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Word was out, Rochdale's favourite daughter was back in the studio, which we conveyed through these very pages last year via interview, under the title "World Get Ready".テつ B&S columnist / long-standing Stansfield band member, musical director, conga specialist, percussion prince and all round musical guru, Snowboyテ「ツヲheralded, not only the return of those instantly recognised tones from the multimillion tune shifting superstar, but also gave us an apparelled view of the magnitude of R&B/soulful/latin/pop/jazz mix we should expect to hear on this body of work.

Putting all that aside, it's time to lend a different perspective on the proceedings from a different source, by asking Lisa herself a few searching album inspired questions from yours truly, Lee Tyler, editor of this very magazine, one which has followed this artist from day one, till errテ「ツヲnow!

So it gives me great pleasure to announce, as I was lucky enough to be given a sneak preview of Lisa Stansfield's first album in a decade, who's title in turn reflects how many studio albums this artist has completed to date, "Seven" テ「ツヲI know, it should be more, but Lisa has promised to pull her finger out and not leave the next one so long next time! テ「ツヲThe album itself is an absolute c-r-a-c-k-e-r! Heralding the return of quality / sophisticated UK R&B.

テ「ツヲas luck would have it when our paths crossed, Ms Stansfield was in a very chipper, chatty and at times cheeky mood as she reflected on the different levels of blood, sweat and tracks which went into the making of "Seven".

Lisa: Weテ「况e sort of been planning this album for 10 years and we were just waiting for the right time to just put it out thereテ「ツヲweテ「囘 not recorded anything, but we must have written over 60 songs for this album. It makes my life a lot easier (laughs) if I have to promote this album, cos weテ「况e already got the other one sort of planned out anyway, which is really lovely. Itテ「冱 the longest album ever made and the shortest album ever made because when we came to record it, it was a mater of 3 weeks to a month, or 5 weeks or something like thatテ「ツヲ
Lee: Where did you record it?
Lisa: Some of it was in New York initially, that was quite a while ago.テつ A lot of it was recorded in Rochdale, some of it was recorded in London and some of it was recorded in L.A.
Lee: No wonder it took you so long!テつ(both laugh) If youテ「囘 have stopped in one place you could have had it done in a couple of days!

Lisa: I think one of the first songs that we did was the last track on the album テ「廰ove Canテ「, which is the real groove track on the album.
Lee: テ「廰ove Canテ「 sounds like a track which has been out and has done well, then youテ「况e remixed it and added it to the album テ「 テ「惑amiliarテ「 I think Iテ「冦 tying to sayテ「ツヲ
Lisa: Well I donテ「冲 like to say it, but itテ「冱 classic me isnテ「冲 it?テつ Itテ「冱 what Iテ「冦 best known for, so we thought it was really nice to put that one on the end because itテ「冱 sort of like a sort of a wink you know?
Lee: On the subject of writing lyrics for it, was that all you?
Lisa: Yeah, some of it was Ian, but for the most part lyrically I wrote most of it reallyテ「ツヲthere is a sort of a story to it in a way, but itテ「冱 not about me, itテ「冱 not about me at all.テつ Cos if it were about me it would be really boring because how many times can you write about having your breakfast and having a cuddle with your husband? (Laughs)テつYou know what I mean, nobody wants to hear that do they?

Lee: (Laughing) No.

Lisa:テつ The album is one womenテ「冱 journey テ「ツヲshe obviously falls for the wrong guy and gets herself in trouble in テ「弃icket Fenceテ「- is basically about someone murdering their husband, which wasnテ「冲 (laughs) all that it was cracked up to be (still laughing).テつ Then she sort of reflects on that and in the end she meets someone and falls in love again, thatテ「冱 what テ「廰ove Canテ「 is about, because sheテ「冱 learnt to trust people again.
Lee:テつ The track テ「廚arry Onテ「, to me, has a Northern soul feel to itテ「ツヲalso thereテ「冱 a touch ofテつ The Average White Bandテ「冱 テ「廰etテ「冱 Go Round Againテ「敕「ツヲ
Lisa: Oh really! (singing) Letテ「冱 go round againテ「ツヲoooh Iテ「囘 never thought of that before.
Lee:テつ Again, it has that familiar feel about it, a feeling youテ「况e heard it before.
Lisa: Well thatテ「冱 going to be a single,テ「戮arry On" テ「ツヲyou know Snowboy? He produced that with Ian and played on it and everything.テつ We were going to call it テ「廬 will Carry Onテ「, but because Snowboy loves Carry On films, we called it テ「廚arry Onテ「.テつ テ「廚arry On Lisa!テ「 (laughs)
Lee: Regardless!テつ(both laughing)

Lee: The track "Why" reminds me of "Fever" at the beginningテ「ツヲ

Lisa: A lot of people have said that, "it's like 'Fever'".

Lee: Only the opening barsテ「ツヲit's very film scorey.

Lisa: Yeah, we wanted to do that with a lot of the stuff, there's quite a filmic feel to it because we want to document it all with mini films as well, so it's all about the story.テつ If it sounds like a sound trackテ「ツヲit just makes sense to me when you think about the film thing you know...

Lee: Beyonce has just brought out an album which is essentially a film, has videos sewn togetherテ「ツヲ

Lisa: I know, what a b#stard! There's me thinking 'yeah, we are the first people to do it!' And she's f#cking done it ain't she! (laughs)

Lee: (laughing) Yes she hasテ「ツヲI was going to ask your opinion, but I won't now.

Lisa: (Raucous laughter) Well I've not seen it, but I'm sure it's amazing if she's done itテ「ツヲI love it that they say she's done it all on her own, when she's got 20 people helping her!

Lee: So for your album, are we going to see video's for all, or most?

Lisa: Yeah hopefully, if we don't run out of money! (laughs).

Lee: You've done two mini tours recently, how was that, getting back in the swing of going touring and stuff?

Lisa: O it's gorgeous, I love it! I used to hate touring, I used to absolutely hate it! I think one of the reasons why was because in between songs I found it difficult to talk to the audience, and now I don't care, I say what I want!

Lee: They can't shut her up now! (both laugh)

Lisa: Yeah, you know they've got one of those shepherd's hooks, I get one of those round me neck! (laughing) I used to just stand there and wait for the music to start and it was a bit awkwardテ「ツヲI'm getting on a bit now and can't be bothered, I say what I feelテ「ツヲit's absolutely lovely, I'm really loving it because I think to a bigger extent I'm more in control of what I'm doing - like, every aspect of it.

The album "Seven" is out now on Monkeynatra Records.

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