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Ny: Beyond grime

Ny Ny Ny

Nyomi Grey or Ny as she is better known is the rather gorgeous singer who has managed to build a name in the world of the grime circuit but not exclusively. Defying the common assumptions regarding the genre she has gone from selling her mix-tapes on the street to involvement with some of the big names in the circuit, all as a singer with a soulful edge.

Now it is her time to shine. Touring with the huge N-Dubz at the moment, Ny is pushing her new single 'Be With You' featuring Giggs which she describes as a track that “reverses the roles”. A cool piece of Rn'B with a rolling beat it definitely has the hallmarks of a club banger that should have the ladies singing in unison at that catchy bridge and hook.

SEMPER: How did you get into music and was that always going to be your chosen career?

NY: I hated school I always kind of used music to vent any emotion or issues that I was going through like with friends, family and boyfriends and stuff so that kind of came from poetry and then I started getting into the studio and recording and stuff like that and I love grime music because of the fact that it was so free and open and you could talk about anything. I used that energy to write and record my first mix-tape which I actually went and sold in the West End in Central London for a fiver. I was either going to be a vet or a singer, so it turned into being a singer, because I hate science

SEMPER: Was it difficult in the beginning?

NY: When I got into music originally and there was a lot of other artists that were up and coming like Plan b, Sway, Professor Green and Tinchy Stryder that were also around at that time all trying to do the same thing so we helped each other out a lot.

SEMPER: Who are the artists that have influenced you as a singer

NY: Growing up I loved Mariah Carey she was a huge influence, when I first started listening to music just the technicality of her vocals. I also grew up on a lot of reggae so I loved singers like David Hammond and Bob Marley for their writing abilities and the smoothness of their vocals.

SEMPER: You have been in the UK scene for a while now what keeps you so driven?

NY: I love to perform and I love to sing when you’re artist you need to be self-motivated so even just seeing people’s faces when you perform, that’s what drives me

SEMPER: What do you think of the UK scene at the moment do you think that grime has taken over from other genres a bit too much?

NY: I think the UK scene is really positive right now, a lot of artists are branching through; you’ve got people like Dizzee, Tinchy, Taio Cruz and N-dubz that have all kind of paved the way for other artists that are coming through. I think Grime kind of evolved into funky house and into Dub-step, it’s just whatever that feel good music is that comes through the streets that’s what going to be relevant and popular. I don’t think that grime has taken over too much at all.

SEMPER: What do you think of Skepta’s video*?

NY: Skepta’s video is cool, obviously it’s not the kind of video that I’d be starring in (she laughs) but yes it was entertaining and it got a lot of people talking about it but that’s what it’s about.

SEMPER: You are touring with N-dubz at the moment what is that like because I know you are good friends?

NY: Touring with the guys is wicked, everyone is really sweet, it’s a lot of fun, excitement, sleepless nights and great performances, it’s really good I’m enjoying it a lot.

SEMPER: Your new single has the Giggs collaboration explain a bit about the track?

NY: When I was in the studio I wanted to do a role reversal. You always have situations where the guy has a girlfriend then he has a bit on the side and he always says he will be with you but he never does. I just wanted to push the roles, and make it a bit more female focused so it was like it was the girl who was the one that was in control and was torn between these two guys. Having Giggs on it kind of gave it that bad boy image that I think was needed for the two contrasts of the two guys in the song.

SEMPER: What plans have you got in terms of an album and what can we expect from that album?

NY: My album is almost finished it is going to be fresh and a fusion of different sounds and obviously it will be an evolution from my mix-tape.

SEMPER: What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

NY: I am on this tour until the end of April, which is amazing, and then just performing and releasing singles and the 'Be With You' video is on TV now so I am going with the flow.

SEMPER: Where do you see yourself in two years?

NY: I think that if you’re going to do this career like this then you need to aim high, so I aim to be a legend at some point

Ny's single 'Be With You' is released on May 8
Words Semper Azeez-Harris

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