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Soundgirl: Everybody make some noise

Soundgirl Soundgirl

In the midst of the numerous girl bands comes another girl band intent on bringing a new swagger to the rather inundated field. With a combined age that is still younger than some of the B&S crew (names will not be mentioned) [ED: lol, you better not!] Soundgirl can actually sing and bring an urban “poppiness” to their sound.

Their first single 'I’m The Fool' co-written by Miranda Cooper who has worked with names like Sugababes is a nice introduction to this young group. B&S caught up with one third of the group Little Nikki for a short Q&A.

SEMPER: So firstly I hear born day greetings are in order, what did you do?

LN: Thanks a lot, yes I was fifteen last Sunday and I just went out I met up with a few of my school friends and we went out and just had some great fun.

SEMPER: So Sound Girl, firstly why the name, is it some girl power thing?

L'NIKKI: It is not a girl power thing, it is just about a music thing, it is just about getting our music out there. It was a bit of a play of the whole Soundboy thing from Jamaica but it is essentially about us getting our music to people.

SEMPER: And how did the group get together?

L'NIKKI: Well Izzy and I went to the same school and we formed a group together on a day our school had auditions for a girl band. It was actually our school sport’s day and so our headmistress called us in. We had to write a song in like ten minutes to sing and our eventual manager was there and signed us.

SEMPER: What he just happened to be there?

L'NIKKI: Well no because, Steve Morton [their manager] was looking for a girl band and my head teacher was saying she had a girl group here and that he should come and check us out and so that is what he did and we were lucky enough to be signed.

SEMPER: And how did Olivia get involved because she came in later as I understand it?

L'NIKKI: Olivia went to my older sister’s school and we all just really got on well together, so we decided to all get together for the girl group and it has really worked so well.

SEMPER: And has this been a dream?

L'NIKKI: To be honest when I thought of the group I was not trying to be an artist, I was just singing and having fun dancing at high school and then when it happened then I realised it was an amazing opportunity.

SEMPER: You are all still young particularly you, it must be difficult juggling education and music?

L'NIKKI: It was at first quite difficult because I was in full time education. I was in year nine when all this was happening and it was quite hard because I had to go to general school and then I had to go to the studio and it was just really difficult. With Izzy and Olivia, they finished GCSE’s. And now I have dropped out of full-time school, I do part-time schooling, I do home schooling and that has made it a bit easier now.

SEMPER: How are you different to the other girl bands, because there are a few?

L'NIKKI: I think all the groups coming out are quite different anyway, we are all coming with slightly different styles and we are targeting different audiences I think. I think because we are younger it is more fun but kind of urban with a bit of soul.

SEMPER: Currently you are touring with one Justin Bieber, that must be great.

L'NIKKI: He is really funny and he really loves his mother, he is a really good guy. But it is such a great experience for us and it is good because he is such a big artist.

SEMPER: And your single, give me the lowdown on how it came about.

L'NIKKI: Well 'I’m a Fool' was a track that just started out with a chorus initially. Luckily we got to work with Miranda Cooper, we went into the studio, the track came about and we loved it. We thought we needed something a bit fun to have as a first track.

SEMPER: Lastly when will an album drop?

L'NIKKI: The album will be out at the end of summer and it will be called I think 'Something To Dream About' and so that is something that we cannot wait for people to hear when it is completed.

Soundgirl single 'I'm A Fool' is out April 18 and album 'Something To Dream About', as just mentioned, will be released this summer.
Words Semper Azeez-Harris

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