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The Supremes; Sister Sledge; En Vogue; TLC; Destiny`s Child… Over the decades, it would seem, each generation of US R&B has traditionally spawned its own multi-million-selling, globally-successful girl-group. In turn meaning - with no currently-active urban female supergroup anywhere in sight - spring 2008 could indeed prove the right time for the four Langdon sisters from Atlanta, Georgia who call themselves Cherish.

Comprising siblings Farrah (24); Neosha (22); and 20-year-old twins Fallon and Felisha, Cherish initially come to prominence back in autumn 2006 with their upbeat US Top 15/UK Top 30 breakthrough single 'Do It To It' and its accompanying, Gold-certified album `Unappreciated`. This month, meanwhile, sees their forthcoming second LP 'The Truth' preceded by its robustly funky offshoot single 'Killa', which find the girls teaming up with chart-topping rugged male Southern rapper Yung Joc. A bubbly Fallon gives `B&S` the lowdown.

What can we expect from your soon-come sophomore LP `The Truth?'

“We actually wrote every song on the album, minus one. So the reason we`ve called it 'The Truth' is because every single song is basically talking about experiences we`ve had in our own lives. You know, in the year-and-a-half since we released our first album we`ve got a lot older and experienced a lot more things. Which means we`ve matured vocally, we`ve matured musically, and we`ve matured as sisters… Plus, because many of the producers we`ve used on this album we actually worked with last time round - like Don Vito, who`s produced the single `Killa`; Jazze Pha; and Bryan Michael Cox - the actual RECORDING process this time was easier because they already knew our style. And, with us balancing the catchy uptempos with some beautiful slow ballads, we`re definitely pleasing fans from both sides.”

Can you fill us in on your early background?

“Well, of course we`re sisters, and both our parents are musicians. Our father used to be in a band called POS - Professions Of Sounds - who toured across the South West with classic acts like The Emotions, Blue Magic and Earth, Wind & Fire. So we`re actually a very, very musical family, and this has been our dream for as long as we can remember. We`ve been singing together since we were two, four and six years old; professionally since we were six, eight and 10… We actually started recording when my twin Felisha and I were nine years old, and we all started writing at like 13! We actually grew up on the Southside of Atlanta - the College Park area - where we lived near Yung Joc. And we actually grew up good friends with a lot of artists in the Atlanta area, like Usher and Ciara. So we`re definitely not new to the industry!”

So what was it like growing up in the music industry?

“There were a lot of highs and lows. One of the first things you have to learn is that this is a BUSINESS. Our dad would often say `you never get a second chance to make a first impression`, which was the truest statement EVER! He`d also say that you`ll get a million `no``s before you get that one `yes`, and that it only takes one person just to say `yes`. I mean, we actually recorded a whole album back in 2003 when we were signed to Warner Bros. But, because of label politics, it never came out! And I guess the good thing about that experience is we learnt a lot .We were working with Jermaine Dupri - who`s a beautiful person, as well as an industry veteran. So, while overall growing up as sisters in the industry was a struggle, at the same time it did definitely strengthen us for when we eventually came out with our first release in 2006.”

What do you feel sets you apart and makes you different from anyone else?

“One aspect of Cherish that most other female groups cannot relate to is the fact we`re SISTERS. Which means we have a bond that cannot be broken, no matter WHAT! No member of Cherish is going ANYWHERE - we`re family and we`re sticking together! At the same time we also write our own music - something a lot of other groups don`t do, and don`t understand the importance of. Because the fact is fans buy into the ARTIST, not into the MUSIC. They want to know if they can get close to you and learn more about you as people. Which is why, with this new album, we definitely wanted everyone to know we are songwriters and our music does reflect our own personal lives.”

The digital single `Killa featuring Yung Joc` is released March 31 through Sho`nuff Records/Capitol

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