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"The album just came about. There was nothing specific outside of a great moment of inspiration during last summer. I was going through a yearly cleansing and had no outside contact so I locked myself in the studio."

Plans for 2007?
"I will be touring the album live and am working on several new artist albums on my label, Yoruba Records... so there will be less dance music and remixes for a time. I have to focus on things individually."

Entree into music?
"Professionally I started at the age 17 working on B movie soundtracks and scores, then a bit of television work. From there it was production for major label artists. In the dance world recognition happened almost immediately after starting my label, Yoruba Records in 1999 with a song 'Closer I Get'."

Future of house music?
"I think the future of house will either demolish itself (as it's showing lately) or it will have a resurge, this simply depends on the direction of the supporters and those that disrespect the music by filesharing etc... I’m really opposed to it as well as DJ re-edits. This to me is really a bad thing as DJs are now creating careers by re-editing someone else's material and adding their name and passing it to other DJs that play it - then you lose the original. There is also the chance that the digital download world will save the situation, there is hope but there has to be desire for this. Personally I don’t think people care enough about the spirit any longer, it's more about having the exclusivity and/or being the first to obtain something rather than appreciating the art created."

Hard for a DJ to be a great producer or vice versa?
"It is very difficult for someone to do both very well. To be a producer you must be a musician or at least have some knowledge of music beyond playing records and most of today's producers have none. On the other hand to be a good DJ takes a lot of practice and skill. Basically, one is about skill, the other talent."

Driving Force?
"Life is the driving force behind my music. I’m driven by the simplest things in life: nature, emotion, people etc..."

London, Ibiza, USA, Italy… If you could be resident at any club/night, what would you choose?
"I would never be a resident at any club anywhere as DJing to me is a hobby, not anything I take seriously like some. I am a musician first, producer, then artist... DJing just sort of happened. It's not very creative at times however I do enjoy it, but couldnt see myself doing it every week or at playing the same venue all the time. Anything routine for me seems like death!"

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Words Nicky Trax

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