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Lloyd Lloyd

Having originally been discovered aged just 10, while rehearsing for a show at his performing arts school by singer Joyce Irby (formerly of Eighties R&B girl-group Klymaxx), Lloyd immediately joined the short-lived pre-teen urban pop quartet Ntoon before eventually signing his first solo deal in 2001 with Magic Johnson`s equally-ill-fated MJM label.

His yearning tenor tones being “re-discovered” in 2004 by controversial music entrepreneur/ producer Irv Gotti, Lloyd finally released his debut LP (`Southside`) in early 2005 for Gotti`s then globally-successful The Inc label, before money-laundering allegations would see said label (and its artists) being put on hold until its re-emergence this year (with Lloyd`s project), via a new deal with Universal Motown. Friendly and oozing Southern-gentlemanly charm, an excited Lloyd enthusiastically conducts his first-ever international interview.

His current album 'Street Love'...
“I`ve been recording professionally since the age of 10, signed my first solo deal at 15, and I feel everything I`ve done up to this point has been a stepping stone, to where I`m now much more confident in my sound and my ability to create hit records. Within the past few years here in The States I`ve featured on a lotta albums by what I call `hip hop tough guys,` Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil` Scrappy… But, while all those guys make music which is naturally rough, rugged-around-the-edges and kind of aggressive, what I actually do is bring to their hip hop feel my smooth, melodic R&B vibe. Which is pretty much what `Street Love` is all about.”

Being the first artist to re-launch Irv Gotti`s The Inc. label...
“While over the past few years, Irv and The Inc have encountered a few trials and tribulations, I feel my job now is to bring it back to where it all started and what it`s all about, which, I figure is making great music. To be honest I can definitely say the worst part of the past few years for me, was having to watch the game from the sideline, while knowing all the time that I do have a lot to offer. Watching my peers playing the game without me and enjoying it was frustrating, ultimately I just took all that and turned it into motivation! I was basically like `Man, the next time the coach puts me in the game I promise to slam-dunk!`. And, while a lotta other people did call me during that period and offer me deals, ultimately I did realise that Irv was one of the first people to believe in me, so there`s gotta be some form of loyalty here. So this album basically represents me showing my appreciation to Irv Gotti by delivering some great songs.”

Starting his own production company Young Goldie Productions...
“At 21 years old I`m honoured and blessed to be one of the youngest executive-producers in the industry. So my goal with Young Goldie Productions is to give younger musicians all over the world a chance to let their voices be heard through music. And, with the success of this `Street Love` album, it will only be a matter of time before I`ll be able to bring through my first act. You know, I have no intention of limiting myself or my abilities in any way because I don`t just listen to pop, R&B and hip hop! I like all genres, Coldplay, The Chilli Peppers, Gnarls Barkley. I pretty much listen to everything that I think is cool and so my focus will just be on making good music, period.”

The single `You' featuring Lil Wayne` and album `Street Love` are both out now.
The single `Get It Shawty` follows July 30, all through The Inc Records.

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