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Paddy Grady- The Voice of Northern Soul (August)

Paddy Grady - The Voice of Northern Soul
Paddy Grady - The Voice of Northern Soul Legends of Motown & Soul Weekend: October 15th - 18th 2010 The Torch Badge (Stoke-on-Trent) The Torch Badge (Stoke-on-Trent) Membership Card The Dells:Richard Harris, Cornell Gunter, Charles Barksdale, William Herndon & Johnny Carter Johnny Carter - The Dells Marshall Chess (Chess Records) @blues& A Complete Introduction To Chess [Box Set] (Universal - 531 770-2) Blues & Soul issue 211 (The Real Thing)

Now where was I before being interrupted in August 2007 when writing my article for B&S that came to such an abrupt halt? No, seriously it is great to be back here with you at B&S, I have missed writing my particular form of craziness for what is without question the most famous black music magazine in popular music’s history. It is great to be back.


There is a lot of talk and rumours circulating about who will be recruited to The Dells as replacement to Johnny Carter who sadly died last year after almost 50 years with the group. One name amongst many is that of Bobby Hutton. What a great replacement that would be, don’t get me wrong no one can ever take the place of Johnny Carter, but I have always loved Bobby Hutton’s voice and I can just see him on stage with Marvin Junior, Verne, Mickey and Chuck, the other members of the mighty group. Now I don’t know if this rumour is accurate or not but if it is confirmed then I wish Bobby Hutton all the luck in the world.



A COMPLETE INTRO TO CHESS – Various (Universal)

I think it is fair to say that Chess Records was one of the most important record labels of all that not only helped shape the sound of Rock & Roll but had a big influence in Soul, Blues and R&B.

This is a new 100 track 4 CD Box Set that shows just how much quality the label had not only through the legendary artists that recorded for them but also the wondrous songs they produced. All time greats can be found on this set such as Etta James, Chuck Berry, Ramsey Lewis, The Dells, Muddy Waters, crickey the list goes on and on.

For me the highlights amongst many on this set are the Rock and Roll styles in Johnny B Goode Chuck Berry; See You Later Alligator Bobby Charles and another Chuck Berry track Rock And Roll Music. There is also some superb Blues included on here, the ones that set my mojo alight are the mean and moody Smokestack Lightning Howlin’ Wolf, I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man Muddy Waters and the exceptional Sugar Mama Jerry Lee Hooker.

I always like to hear a good slab of R&B music in these types of compilations, and on this set there are plenty to choose from, the ones to check out are the all time classics such as I Just Want To Make Love To You Etta James; Smokey Places The Corsairs and Rinky Dink Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez.

It is without question though that it is the Soul tracks that make this box set for me with some of my all time favourites to be found, great stomping sounds from my old youth club days, Rescue Me Fontella Bass; Wade In The Water Ramsey Lewis; Selfish One Jackie Ross; Look At Me Now Terry Callier; Soulful Dress Sugar Pie De Santo; The Entertainer Tony Clark, the list goes on and on.

So much of the music from the Chess label influenced groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones that they were indeed a label that pushed the boundaries in the music industry, and it is easy to see why on here. One word for it – excellent!
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Looking back...

One part of my old column that I always wanted to do but never did, as I never had the space, was a look back at old B&S magazines. The magazine is the oldest and best known black music magazine ever, but sometimes I think we forgot where we came from and how important the old lady truly was, so let’s put that right. Here is a quick look back to B&S 211 back in 1976.

The front cover was adorned by The Real Thing with an inside interview about their difficulties in keeping the group together before their then recent string of hits. The magazine also covered further interviews with the Brothers Johnson, BT Express, Carol Douglas and Al Wilson. Top of the British Singles Soul chart was James Brown with Get Up Offa That Thing, while the American Singles Soul chart topper was The Commodores with Just To Be Close To You. In The Album charts straight in at number one in Britain was Stevie Wonder’s Songs In The Key Of Life, while in America the Commodores were showing their dominance of both charts by topping with Hot On The Tracks album.

Sharon Davies’s column, as always, was full of information about Tata Vega, The Four Tops, Jermaine Jackson and others, but it did make me chuckle with the fact she had gone to Wigan Casino for its 3rd anniversary with Dave Godin and had a great time as she said ‘hustling in on his glory’, after a while she made for the lounge, which to be honest, I don’t even remember a lounge! Excellent reading though.

In his column Dave Godin was in fine form, raving on about Love Committee’s Can’t Win For Losing new release. He also reported his feud with Ian Levine was now over after they had spent a good time chatting at the aforesaid Wigan Casino 3rd anniversary night. He was also reporting on a new impending Soul show on Radio 1, Dave was leading a campaign to get people to write to the boss of Radio 1 demanding a national soul radio show. Crikey, nothing seems to have changed in those 30 odd years does it?

On tour in the UK at the time were The Exciters, The Chi – Lites, Clarence Carter, Four Tops, The Chants, The Drifters, The Real Thing, The Fantastics, Heatwave, Jimmy James & The Vagabonds, & J.AL.N Band - all mouth-watering stuff.

I will look back at another Blues & Soul magazine from yesteryear in my next column.

Is northern soul mainstream!? Has n/soul gone the same way as rock & roll?

Paddy Grady

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