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As our end of the year print issue beckons, we take a slight pause with an out-of-sight online issue packed to the rafters with Stella talent.... Our top spot in this issue comes in the fine form of one of UK's best R&B talents, Ms Leona Lewis ...We follow that with conversation with comeback king Cody ChesnuTT - exquisite French jazz artist Meshell Ndegeocello talks Nina Simone - ones to watch Misha B, Daley and Angel flex their vocal talents in our direction AND Radio6 presenter/The Fun Lovin' Criminals frontman Huey Morgan gives us the run down on pastures new.... We go LIVE with reviews from Level 42's 20th Anniversary tour and all the way from Bermuda, The John Lennon Tribute concert, featuring a plethora of soul/R&B and reggae talent... Rounding that little lot off with a competitions to win tickets to one of the standout nights of the year via Streetsounds and we follow-up our live review & interview with a chance to win Level 42 "Running In The Family" anniversary goodies... Before I go I just have time to mention our B&S columnists who can be found covering different genres on the left of our site. Please feel free to click on and share your views... they will certainly share theirs! ...All that remains to mention is that our print issue hits the shops on November 16 (you can order it now from the B&S shop) and you can find us Twittering away in the meantime at @BluesandSoul...B&S

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Dave Brubeck Quartet 2010

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck. R.I.P.

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck has died of heart failure a day before his 92nd birthday. His iconic singature tune, "Take Five," lives on.

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Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis: A different glass

Pete Lewis interviews 20-million-selling, London-born-and-raised global diva Leona Lewis. As the former “X Factor” winner returns with her third album “Glassheart” and its offshoot single “Trouble”

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Macy Gray

Macy Gray's London Gig Set To Be A Real Christmas Cracker

US Superstar Macy Gray has chosen London's Koko venue to showcase her amazing new record, a re-working of the entire 10 tracks from Stevie Wonder's iconic "Talking Book."

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Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello: Vive la différence!

Meshell Ndegeocello - musician extraordinaire who refuses to be pigeon-holed. Known to be outspoken, yet possesses a most laid back aura. Revered by her peers and has been in the music industry for 20 years...

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Mud Morganfield Photo copyright: Simon Redley Mud Morganfield Photo copyright: Simon Redley Mud Morganfield Photo copyright: Simon Redley Mud Morganfield & Sinead O'Connor @

Mud Morganfield: Mud On The Road...........

Muddy Waters is one of the founders of the blues. His eldest son Mud Morganfield is carrying on his late Daddy's legacy, but is very much his own man as a great blues artist too.

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Cody ChesnuTT Cody ChesnuTT Cody ChesnuTT Cody ChesnuTT

Cody ChesnuTT: Cracking the Cody

Pete Lewis meets Atlanta, Georgia-raised soul troubadour Cody ChesnuTT. Whose new album “Landing On A Hundred” marks the follow-up to his 2002-released debut “The Headphone Masterpiece”

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Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters: Still Solid

Pete Lewis meets prominent UK actor and one-time So Solid Crew rapper Ashley Walters (aka Asher D). Who this month releases his new, Alesha Dixon-featuring single “Your Love”

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Daley Daley Daley Daley

Daley: Soul special

Christopher Daniel talks to UK soul artist Dailey - his crafted sound has elements of smooth R&B, lush soul, hints of gospel, electro-pop and funk spread across cascading ambient and experimental melodies... Sound good? You bet he is!

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Misha B

Misha B: B+

Pete Lewis meets 20-year-old Manchester, UK singer/songwriter/rapper Misha B, as the former “X Factor” semi-finalist releases her second single “Do You Think Of Me”

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Shuggie Otis: Jazz Café, London 21/11/12

Shuggie Otis: Jazz Café, London 21/11/12

Expectations were on at all time high! Yes, living blues legend Shuggie Otis was in town to christen his new found interest in performing live, which coming from this elusive reclusive artist, came as quite a surprise...

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The James Hunter Six: The Hideaway 15/11/12 (pt The London Jazz Festival) The James Hunter Six: The Hideaway 15/11/12 (pt: London Jazz Festival) Chris Corcoran: The Hideaway 15/11/12 (pt: London Jazz Festival) The Chris Corcoran Trio: The Hideaway 15/11/12 (pt: London Jazz Festival)

The James Hunter Six & The Chris Corcoran Trio, The Hideaway 15/11/12

The James Hunter Six emerged to the swinging theme of the 1960 film, “Saturday Night and Sunday Morning”; a favourite of the band’s, from the era characteristic of Hunter’s music. They then jumped straight into the punchy.

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Frootful: Floridita Live, London 17/10/12

Frootful: Floridita, London 17/10/12

Led by guitarist Nick Radford this outfit from Devon wasted no time getting into what they do best, tasteful soul-jazz, funky-R&B and a whole heap more, as exemplified by their critically acclaimed debut platter "Colours"...

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Congo Faith Healers: Hippodrome, London 4/11/12

Congo Faith Healers: Hippodrome, London 4/11/12

Tonight saw the very special Congo Faith Healers doing their thing and what a good thing it is! They have a very fresh sounding approach that mixes latin lounge, gypsy swing, pyschobilly and punk jazz all together...

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The New Mastersounds - Eddie Roberts: 100 Club, London 4/11/12 The New Mastersounds: L-R Sulene Fleming, Pete Shand & Eddie Roberts 100 Club 4/11/12 @bs The New Mastersounds: Simon Allen and Pete Shand 100 Club 4/11/12 The New Mastersounds (set list): 100 Club 4/11/12

The New Master Sounds and BluesMix: 100 Club, London 4/11/12

Great to be in the sweaty environs of the 100 Club, so nearly swallowed up by developers a few years back but thankfully saved... So it was good to see in ol' blighty and fuelling the flames of funk once more!

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