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In this momentous edition of B&S, we celebrate our attendance at the inaugural Vintage at Goodwood festival, by way of bringing you a special edition printed copy of this wonderful soulful oddity we call Blues & Soul. it will be three years to this very month since this mighty mag last graced the news stands, and after going from strength to strength in it present .com homestead - we thought it would be a great idea to pay homage, in paper form, to Blues & Soul of both Vintage and of the future as we bring you an issue to remember! We start proceedings with a marvellous MOTOWN double from SHARON DAVIS, including STEVIE WONDER & MARTHA REEVES in conversation... We follow that with in-depth interviews and wonderful memories with from the last surviving members of the TEMPTATIONS and THE FOUR TOPS. We talk to the last soul man standing SOLOMON BURKE and we get the full story of not one but to iconic labels as we talk to MARSHALL CHESS (CHESS RECORDS) and to RALPH TEE (EXPANSION RECORDS). RAY GELATO & JAMES LANGTON tell us of their involvement with the VINTAGE festival and what's the secret of not only making it, but staying on top in their chosen genre's. We have a huge, sorry HUGE, exclusive as EMRYS BAIRD talks to CRAIG CHARLES' FANTASY FUNK BAND. EM grabs a word with not only CRAIG but frontman JOHN TERRELL, SNOWBOY and JAMES TAYLOR on the eve of their festival tour. We also manage to grab a few words with one time JTQ cohort and Vintage attendee, NOEL McKOY. It's at this point I have to mention our plethora of columnist talent and a few new names that we welcome back to our pages. SHARON DAVIS (Motown), FRANK ELSON (Northern Soul), PADDY GRADY (Northern Soul), SNOWBOY (Jazz), BIGGER (R&B/HIP HOP), PHIL DRIVER (Unsigned Soul) and BEN LOVETT (HOUSE & DANCE) who will give you their views on the music they enthuse about. And in some cases both barrels!! We also pay our respects to one time B&S columnist, the late DAVE GODIN. We reprint two of DAVE'S columns - the first where DAVE first mentions NORTHERN SOUL and the second where he finds a club in the south that rivals those in the north. As we return to the interview action we talk to INCOGNITO'S BLUEY and bring this right up to date with an interview with NE-YO, ROX, EDEI and RICHARD EARNSHAW. AND as we stay on the subject of DJ's we bring you some of the finest DJ's ever to grace a turntable, including: NORMAN JAY MBE, DANNY RAMPLING, TIM WESTWOOD, JOEY NEGRO (AKA Dave Lee), SNOWBOY & COLIN CURTIS... Ok, I'll stop now - I'm getting writer's cramp announcing all this exciting content... There is a load more and lots of surprises, but I don't want to spoil it for you!! 100 pages of pure Blues & Soul and boy was it worth it! We hope you think so to... Don't forget to order your copy from this site now. Cheers, Lee.B&S

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Stevie Wonder 'Little' Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder Sharon Davis & Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder: 8th Wonder

Stevie Wonder has been inducted into the Songwriters’ and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Halls of Fame, and was the most prominent figure in popular music during the latter half of the 20th century. This Motown mega star is in conversation rig

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Ne-Yo: Finding the right balance

Pete Lewis meets Grammy-winning, multi-million-selling R&B/pop singer/songwriter Ne-Yo. Who discusses his Euro-dance-flavoured new single ‘She’s A Monster’ plus his upcoming, fourth album ‘Libra Scale’

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Alesha Dixon Alesha Dixon Alesha Dixon Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon: Diverse Diva

Pete Lewis chats to all-round “national treasure” Alesha Dixon about her raucous new single ‘Drummer Boy’ plus her typically-diverse, appropriately-named forthcoming new album ‘The Entertainer’

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Loick Essien

Loick Essien: Love Loick

Pete Lewis visits Sony Music’s Kensington HQ to meet upcoming new UK R&B talent Loick Essien. Whose debut single ‘Love Drunk’ is currently tearing up London’s specialist airwaves

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Dwele: Soul reviver

It’s not everyday that you get to interview one of the Kings of ‘Neo-Soul’. One of the first to be placed into that category, Dwele has been making soul music for more than a decade...

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Leroy Burgess Leroy Burgess Leroy Burgess Leroy Burgess

Leroy Burgess: Sweet expectations

Pete Lewis speaks to New York soul/dance legend Leroy Burgess, to discuss the prolific veteran singer/songwriter/producer’s new LP ‘Throwback (Vol II) Sugar Hill 83 - 86’

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Izzi Dunn Izzi Dunn Izzi Dunn Izzi Dunn

Izzi Dunn: Nothing but Izzi

Pete Lewis calls up London multi-instrumentalist and singer Izzi Dunn. Who this month follows her collaborations and tours with Gorillaz and Mark Ronson with her soulful second LP ‘Cries & Smiles’

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Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre Bizarre

Bizarre: How Bizarre

Pete Lewis hooks up with D12’s portly madcap rapper Bizarre. Whose new, fourth solo album ‘Friday Night At St. Andrews’ finds him paying homage to the roots of Detroit’s hip hop scene

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Easy Mo Bee

Easy Mo Bee: Mo’ Betta Blues

Get ready for something special, as this month we introduce a new contributer to B&S - Christopher Dainel delivers a killer interview from Brooklyn's grammy award winning Hip Hop master/super-producer Easy Mo Be

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Kerry “Krucial” Brothers Kerry “Krucial” Brothers Kerry “Krucial” Brothers Kerry “Krucial” Brothers

Kerry “Krucial” Brothers: A Key component

Since the debut of Alicia Keys’ 2001 smash, 'Songs In "A" Minor', Kerry “Krucial” Brothers is a highly sought after songwriting/producer with accolades including Grammy Awards to multimillion selling album sales

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David 'Mr. DJ' Sheats David 'Mr. DJ' Sheats David 'Mr. DJ' Sheats & Jeff B - Mama’s Mustache David 'Mr. DJ' Sheats & Jeff B - Mama’s Mustache

David 'Mr. DJ' Sheats: Kastin’ a spell

OutKast major collaborator David “Mr. DJ” Sheats talks to B&S' Christopher Daniel about his part in the groups success, making them the most critically and commercially successful hip hop act in the world!

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Norman Jay Norman Jay Norman Jay Norman Jay

Norman Jay: Let The Good Times Roll

Norman Jay’s self-instructed rise to the top has been pretty impressive. a steady stream of high-profile international DJ bookings, 30 years of the Good Times soundsystem – today, a major musical brand and cultural reference point...

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Tensnake Tensnake Tensnake Tensnake

Tensnake: Shedding a new light

Toni Tambourine talks to German super producer Tensnake - known for being responsible for a plethora of disco and early '90s inspired remixes that are in abundance today. He tells us about his background, his influences...

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Leela James: Pigalle 29/07/10 Leela James: Pigalle 29/07/10 Leela James: Pigalle 29/07/10 Leela James: Pigalle 29/07/10

Leela James: Pigalle 29/07/10

Aint no party like a Leela James Party as Ricardito catches Ms James in full flow at London's Pigalle. And with audience interaction high on the agenda, there was no escaping the vibe on this standout night...

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