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We beat the freeze this month as we cosy up to some red hot interviews on your behalf. We bring you R&B legend TEENA MARIE as she visits these shores - B&S' LEE TYLER weighs in with an absolute whopper of an interview, in one of the most in-depth interviews this diverse diva has given to-date. Pete Lewis hits an interview hat-trick as he goes Dutch on a superb interview with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE'S prodigee ESMEE DENTERS. Keeps coool with fresh jazz talent ELISA CALEB and soaks up the soulful attributes of American Soul and Gospel singer FREDDIE LEE. We welcome back LAWRENCE GICHIGI as he catches up one time WU TANG CLAN member RAEKWON and if that wasn't enough, our one to watch this month is Rn'B/soul superstar in the making CORNEILLE (ok, bit of a cheat some may say - you'll have to read the interview to find out why?) AlI can say is, c'est Magnifique! +++ We dance ourselves dizzy with an ATFC interview (can I sit down please?). In this issue we also pay our last respects to producer, arranger and sometimes co-writer WILLIE MITCHELL (81), who moulded the careers of artists of the clibare of ANN PEEBLES AND AL GREEN, by printing a 1987 interview with the man himself.... We gather all the live action you can handle care of; FOY VANCE, FAT FREDDIE DROP, SOULIVE and CORNEILLE. We have competition action in the shape of the standout ATFC IN THE HOUSE (London 10) CD's. And last but by no means least PLEASE feel free to visit our regular resident expert columnists, who will be thinking outside the box on your behalf in their respective genres - If you would like to contact them with news that you feel will benefit others, be our guest... The Guv'nor SNOWBOY looks at all things jazz in his monthly column, SHARON DAVIS gives you all the MOTOWN news as it happens, in MOTOWN TRACKING And BEN LOVETT continues to bring you the highly anticipated GROOVE YARD column....Join us on TWITTER now at twitter/bluesandsoul - go on we won't bite!?... Maybe just knorr a little;) ... See you next month!B&S

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Red Bull gives you 30 nights of exclusive events Jazzy B @Red Bull Academy Goldie @The Red Bull Academy Roots Manuva (aka Rodney Smith)

Red Bull gives you 30 nights of exclusive events

Red Bull academy gives you 30 nights of exclusive events, including a series of gigs paying tribute to the past, present and future of London's musical culture. There is a star studded array of stars helping in this endeavor including...

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Win a signed Mariah Carey photo + copy of new 'LoveSongs' Album

Win a Mariah Carey signed photo + copy of new 'LoveSongs' Album

To celebrate the release of Mariah Carey's 'Lovesongs' compilation album on February 8th, we have 5 copies to give away + a signed photo from the diva herself for the lucky winner of our miraculous Mariah competition

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Win Barry White 'Unlimited' boxset

Win a Barry White 'Unlimited' Boxset

To celebrate the release of the Barry White boxset 'Unlimited' on February 1st, we give you the chance to win this superb prize. This 4 x CD/1 x DVD career-spanning, rarities boxset contains all the walrus of love's greatest hits and more

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Teddy Pendergrass Teddy Pendergrass Teddy Pendergrass Teddy Pendergrass

Teddy Pendergrass 1950 - 2010

Teddy Pendergrass will be remembered and hailed as one of the pioneer success stories in black music, defining the music and culture of the '70s and '80s and his contribution to the Philadelphia sound will live forever...

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Teena Marie Teena Marie Teena Marie Teena Marie

Teena Marie: The women behind the groove

With the music world still reeling by the death of R&B legend Teena Marie, we remember B&S Editor Lee Tyler's Jan 2010 interview with Lady T - As she gives one of her most detailed and in-depth interviews ever...

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Esmee Denters Esmee Denters Esmee Denters Esmee Denters

Esmee Denters: Outta Sight

Pete Lewis speaks to Dutch YouTube sensation (and former pancake house waitress!) Esmee Denters about her debut LP ‘Outta Here’ and becoming the first signing to Justin Timberlake’s Tennman Records

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Chrisitain Scott Chrisitain Scott Chrisitain Scott Chrisitain Scott

Christian Scott: Blow4blow

Pete Lewis speaks to Grammy-nominated New Orleans trumpeter Christian Scott, as the man dubbed “jazz’s young style god” discusses his powerful new LP ‘Yesterday You Said Tomorrow’

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Freddie Lee Freddie Lee Freddie Lee Freddie Lee

Freddie Lee: Divine aspirations

Pete Lewis enjoys lunch at the Watford Harvester with Florida-born Freddie Lee, whose debut LP ‘Beyond Comprehension’ is currently finding favour on Britain’s soul airwaves

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Dr Rubberfunk Dr Rubberfunk Dr Rubberfunk Dr Rubberfunk

Dr Rubberfunk: Funky Sensation

It’s with almost perfect timing that Simon Ward prepares to drop Hot Stone on big freeze Britain this week. A third album from the Londoner under groove-administering alias Dr Rubberfunk

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Colmine Records Logo Colmine Records Logo Matt, Rob and DeRo Ikebe EP Cover

Terry Cole (Colemine Records) Can you dig it?

Exclusive to Blues And Soul, Snowboy talk’s to ‘Colemine Records’ label-owner/artist Terry Cole and gets to the bottom of the ‘what and where’ with this amazing label + a whole array of killer, classic sounding 45s

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Willie Mitchell Willie Mitchell Willie Mitchell Willie Mitchell

B&S classic interview: Willie Mitchell

Following the sad death of legendary Memphis musician, record producer and former Hi Records chief Willie Mitchell, Pete Lewis recalls interviewing the man best known for 'discovering' *�, mentoring and producing Al Green...

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Raekwon Raekwon Raekwon Raekwon

Raekwon: Bad boy for life

Since his platinum solo debut (1995), Raekwon The Chef has solidified his place as a certified rap legend. Now with the release of the sequel 'Only Built For Cuban Linx pt 2', this longstanding member of the Wu Tang Clan...

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Elisa Caleb Elisa Caleb Elisa Caleb Elisa Caleb

Elisa Caleb: A breath of fresh air

Pete Lewis talks to internationally-celebrated, up-and-coming London jazz vocalist Elisa Caleb about her debut album ‘Carry Me Home’ and the personal story behind its current single ‘The Wind’

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ATFC (photo Richard Bradbury) ATFC (photo Richard Bradbury) ATFC (photo Richard Bradbury) ATFC (photo Richard Bradbury)

ATFC: In the House

ATFC, a house hold name in House music. A chart topping DJ and producer, and the guy that brought us 'Bad Habit' and 'Sleep talk'. If you are a DJ you will almost certainly have played one of his records

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